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Wine Club Newsletters

Hello folks! We have added this page so that wine club members can have access to what's in their shipment. Also, perspective wine club members can check out the newsletters and see what kind of selection a typical shipment entails as well as see some of the special gems we pack into each shipment.

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to view the April/May 3-bottle wine club shipment/newsletter

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to view the April/May 6-bottle wine club shipment/newsletter

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to view the April/May 12-bottle VIP wine club shipment/newsletter 

                                          Upcoming Wine Club Shipments

                                                        April/May 2017

3-bottle club              6-bottle club                6-bottle white only            6-bottle red only

Backacher Wht 2015 Backacher Wht 2015  2 Backacher Wht 2015    2 Cab Franc 2013 
Cinsault 2012            Cinsault 2012              2 Chardonnay 2013         Cinsault 2012
Cab Sauv 2012         Tempranillo 2012        2 Yin-Yang 2015              Tempranillo 2012
Cross Creek Vyd       Cab Franc 2013                                                   S&M 2012
                                  S&M 2012                   $120.96(20% disc)          Cab Sauv 2012
$108.00(15% disc)   Cab Sauv 2012                                                    Cross Creek Vyd
                                  Cross Creek Vyd                                                  
                                                                                                               $186.62(20% disc)
                                 $173.66(20% disc)                                             

                              12-bottle club                            12-bottle red only
                              2 each of 6-bottle club              2 each of 6-bottle red only club
                              $325.62(25% disc)                  $349.92(25% disc)

                                   Prices shown include the stated discount but
                                do not include applicable taxes or shipping costs

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